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Roy Stevenson has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, North America, Central America and the South Pacific. He has lived on four continents and visited more than 40 countries around the world. He's had many adventures and fascinating experiences along the way and enjoys sharing his stories.

Roy's curiosity makes him look deep into local cultures and history, going beyond the standard tourist attractions to give a better sense of place and people. His travel stories offer unique perspectives and a wide range of interesting topics.

Roy has had travel stories published in more than 60 magazines, in-flights and newspapers around the world. For a complete listing of publications with Roy's travel articles,

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Below you'll find a small selection of Roy's travel and culture articles. Click on the magazine cover to view the article.

American Cowboy
August/September 2012
From Slave to Lawman
Legendary icon Bass Reeves arrested some 3000 felons in his career working in Indian Territory. Learn about his life from slavery to lawman.

Australia and New Zealand
June 2012
The Ultimate Hot Spot
Rotorua's frenetic miasma of bubbling hot pools, boiling hot springs and friendly Maori culture will leave you mesmerized.

Lost Treasure
June 2012
Juneau's Mining Legacy is Everywhere
You will find Alaska's mining heritage everywhere in Juneau, a town literally built on tailings from gold mines.

Lost Treasure
April 2012
Gunfight at OK Corral Overshadows Tombstone's Real History
It's ironic that a 30-second gunfight completely eclipses Tombstone's rich mining history, making a fascinating story.

This England
Summer 2011
Science and Surgery Victorian Style
A visit to the Old Operating Theatre will give you some colorful insight into the dubious medical practices of the 19th century.

Classic Boat
October 2010
Windjammer Tales
At the Pacific NW Schooner Rendezvous, America's schooners gather together and the rich history starts to flow. All of them have stories and some had celebrity owners.

September 2010
Healing Hands: Florence Nightingale and other British Medical Pioneers
Learn about the life of Florence Nightingale and other British medical pioneers who have saved countless lives worldwide.

September/October 2010
The Mysterious Green Man in Medieval History
Learn about the mysterious green man and his many personas, the folklore and legend, and where he can be found in Europe.

July/August 2010
Olde London Towne Customs, Ceremonies, Rituals, and Legends
Learn about fascinating myths, folklore and legends that are part of London's history and culture.

May/June 2010
The History of Executions in Olde London Towne
Medieval executions in old London became well-attended spectacles that provided excellent entertainment for vast crowds.

Edinburgh Castle, Roy Stevenson

Scotland Magazine
November, 2009
Defending the Realm
Roy Stevenson explores Edinburgh Castle and its remarkable gun batteries and military museums.

Roy Stevenson, Pere LaChaise Cemetery, Paris cemetery

Open Skies, the Inflight Magazine of Emirates
July, 2008
An Artist's Nirvana
Bands of excited art-loving tourists are a normal sight on Paris’ streets. Some are making straight for the superb sculptures at Paris’ Pere LaChaise Cemetery.

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