Editor's Testimonials
for Roy Stevenson

"Roy has been a mainstay of our “Museum Pass” section, contributing 21 articles (and counting) to our bimonthly magazine since 2011. He has a lively and engaging writing style that makes his work as easy to edit as it is entertaining to read. He is quickly and thoroughly responsive to editor requests for further information or clarification when necessary, and he is on time—if not ahead—of requested delivery dates. As a bonus, Roy provides us with good-quality high-resolution photographs—not always easy when ambient lighting can vary and vehicles are sometimes exhibited close together." — John Biel, Editor-in-Chief, Collectible Automobile

"I get approached by freelance writers all the time, and only choose to work with a select few. Roy is one of the chosen ones. Why? First, his knowledge of running, training and physiology is excellent. But perhaps, more importantly, he takes this knowledge and conveys it in a way that 'ordinary folk' can understand. This is critical when dealing with subject matter like running. Readers don't like to be blinded by science: Roy's biggest skill is making his boundless ideas understandable by the widest possible audience. Of course, he can turn a feature around quickly and has never missed a deadline, which is also a big selling point!" - David Castle, Editor, Running Fitness

"Roy Stevenson is as professional and prompt as writers come. He understands the role an editor plays in the publication of his work, and because of this, he makes it easier for me to do my job.”  - Matt Werbach, Editor, Columbia Gorge Magazine

"Roy Stevenson has been one of VideoScope's most dependable writers for many years. I especially appreciate his punctuality and breadth of coverage, particularly when covering difficult assignments like film festivals, at which he particularly excels. Look forward to working with Roy for many years to come." - Joe Kane, Editor, VideoScope

"It has been a pleasure to work with Roy Stevenson over the past several years. He is a font of good story ideas and he not only gets assignments in on time, but they are most often early. And, on the more academic pieces, he gives good footnotes."
- Rich Benyo, Marathon & Beyond

"Roy Stevenson is very easy to work with. His queries are appropriate to our niche and the articles complete and tailored to our readership. He provides quality photos with captions. His work is submitted when he says it will be, or earlier, and needs little editing. Responses to any questions are responded to promptly." -Kay Jorgensen, Editor, The Artilleryman

"Without question one of the best writers to work with, Roy's material is consistently on time and always meticulously researched, making my task as editor that much easier - I know when I get an article from him that it will make my load lighter as it will be one of the few I can pass straight on to the Production Dept without worry. My only regret is that 'Classic Arms and Militaria' comes out only six times a year and I can't feature his work more often." -Jonathan Downs, Editor, Classic Arms and Militaria

"Roy always provides eminently readable copy and is able to tailor his work effectively to the ultrarunning audience. His writing is clear and his suggestions actionable. I know when one of Roy’s articles appears in my inbox, it will require very little editing before it’s ready to drop into the layout." - Tia Bodington, Managing Editor, UltraRunning Magazine

"Roy Stevenson is a valued freelance contributor to Renaissance Magazine. Since 2008, Roy has provided our readers with informative and well-written stories about medieval life, places of interest, and living history. Roy does his research well, writes with clarity, and keeps the reader's interest with anecdotes and descriptions. He always delivers his stories well before deadline and his work requires minimal editing. Roy often provides his own print-quality photographs with his articles. I have no hesitation recommending his work to other editors." - Tom Hauck, Editor, Renaissance Magazine

"Roy Stevenson is a pleasure to work with. Roy has been doing many destination articles for us and, as an editor, it is a great asset to have a writer that you can count on to deliver accurate, reader-friendly material, on time. I look forward to including more of his material in the future." - Richard Hazelton, Editor, 48 ° North Sailing Magazine

"Roy Stevenson has been a huge asset to our regular writers' pool. He consistently pitches interesting and creative ideas for spot-on pieces, starting with his first contribution which made our cover feature. Plus, his on-time delivery and openness to suggestions really make him an "editor's writer." - Edith Lennon, Editor, Popular Communications

"I work with many freelance writers from all across the United States, and even from other countries on occasion, and can wholeheartedly say that Roy Stevenson ranks right up there with the best of them. Roy’s work is well received by our readers and fits well with the other content in Lost Treasure Magazine. The photography Roy submits with his stories is high quality, well lit and framed, always very interesting, and even stunning at times. It is my pleasure to work with a professional of Roy’s caliber and I would recommend his work highly to any publishing company." - Carla Banning, Managing Editor, Lost Treasure Magazine

"If you want a writer who is quick, thorough, accurate and who will get the assignment done on or ahead of schedule, then I recommend hiring Roy Stevenson. Roy has written several articles for Gorge Publishing and is always a pleasure to work with and extremely professional. I especially appreciate the extra effort Roy takes in the fact-checking process and that we can rely on him to submit quality photos with the article." - Annisa Olsson Jones, Publisher, Gorge Guide

“As a publisher and editor of a magazine it’s hard to find dependable contributors. We sometimes sacrifice half of what we need, just to get what we need to create a magazine.  Roy is one of those rare contributors that understands the demand of a small publisher.  He delivers his promised work, before deadline and print ready! There’s no need for me to ramble about his work ethic or professionalism since he’s one of the best we’ve worked with - a 5-star contributor!” - Derek Buono, Publisher, Beer30 Media LLC, Beer Magazine, Velocity RC Cars Magazine

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