Roy Stevenson
Triathlon Training Articles

Specializing in writing about running and conditioning for triathlons, Roy Stevenson has more than 120 articles on triathlon training published in 25 triathlon magazines in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These include Triathlete, Triathlete's World (UK), USA Triathlon Life, Triathlon Canada, New Zealand Multisport & Triathlete, Colorado Runner & Triathlete, and Florida Running & Triathlon. He is a regular contributor to Triathlon & Multisports (Australia).

Roy competed in New Zealand's first official triathlon in 1978, emerging severely humbled by the experience. As a former race director of the Seafair Triathlon and the Washington State Triathlon Championships, Roy has gained a deep insight into the triathlete's competitive nature and needs.

A small selection of Roy's triathlon training articles are found here.

Triathlon & Multisport Magazine
October 2010
Preventing Injuries: Does Warming Up Help Triathletes?
Doing a warm up is a universally accepted way of preventing injuries - but does it help triathletes? Read about the benefits and what the research shows about preventing injuries.

August 2010
Free Radicals and Antioxidants for Triathletes
Free radicals can cause damage to triathletes and others who exercise strenuously. Find out how antioxidants can help sweep away free radicals and block their formation.

Triathlete's World
August 2010
Pain Speaking
Triathlete injuries are part of the multi-sport event, but the good news is that most injuries can actually be predicted from a series of warning signs, and treated for a fast recovery.

Triathlete's World
August 2010
Keep Taking the Tablets?
Are vitamin supplements beneficial for triathletes? Find out what scientists, coaches and sports nutritionists say about this controversial topic.

Triathlete's World
August 2009
Cross Purposes
When you feel your running has reached a plateau or you're worried about injury, it may be time to introduce some cross-training.

Triathlon & Multi Sport
September 2008
Periodisation for Distance Runners
A hit or miss approach to your training eventually results in a frustrating plateau in performance, often grinding the runner to a halt through overuse injury.

Triathlon & Multi Sport
October 2008
Race Faster on Less Mileage
Avoid overtraining by training smarter. Here are 4 training techniques to improve the quality of your running on less mileage.

New Zealand Multisport & Triathlete
July 2009
Improve Your Triathlon Running Performance
How to improve your triathlon running performance and avoid injuries and boredom.

Triathlon Magazine Canada
July/August 2009
Improve Your Triathlon Running Performance
How to improve your triathlon running performance and avoid injuries and boredom.

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