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Roy Stevenson started his running career at age 13. He was New Zealand Universities 3,000 Meter Steeplechase Champion and Auckland Junior 3,000 Meter Steeplechase Champion. He competed in New Zealand and Auckland Championships on the track, road and cross-country. Coached by the legendary Arthur Lydiard and Barry Magee, Roy had the good fortune to run with the New Zealand greats of the 1970's: John Walker, Rod Dixon, and Dick Quax. His first marathon was a New Zealand under-20 record of 2:42:28, and he's run 5 marathons since, including Boston.

Roy has a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology and has taught exercise science at Lake Washington Technical College, Highline Community College, University of Puget Sound, and Seattle University.

For many years Roy turned his love for running into a full-time profession as a running coach and workshop speaker. His popular series of distance running workshops in the 1980's was attended by 3500 runners in the Puget Sound region. He also coached several hundred runners in the Pacific Northwest during this time.

Roy shares his running expertise and experience by writing articles and research papers focused on running training and performance. He's had over 300 articles published in over 60 running, fitness and sports magazines in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. For a complete list of publications with Roy's articles, click here. You can find more running specific information at his running tips website:

Below you will find a small sampling of running articles written by Roy Stevenson. To view the articles listed on this page, select the cover image.

Missouri Runner and Triathlete
Jan-Mar 2011
Laying a Training Foundation for Teenage Runners
Every runner can develop his or her cruising speed and fast finish with the right training. Here are some foundation training tips.

Athletes Only
Winter 2010/11
Teaching Correct Strength Technique to Young Athletes
Resistance training is necessary for athletes to maximize performance in track and field events. Here are key points for teaching young athletes correctly.

California Track Running News
Sept-Oct 2010
Learning to Run Like a Team
Cross country team running provides valuable lifelong lessons. Here's some advice about how to run like a team.

California Track Running News
Sept-Oct 2010
Learning to Race Like a Team
In cross country running the racing strategies make a huge difference in the team performance. Here is advice on how to race like a team.

American Track & Field
Summer 2010
Why Summer Mileage is Important
Summer running is an important part of cross country training and is essential to lay down a conditioning base so you can run at your full potential in the fall.

Fast Forward
Spring 2010
Why You Need a Coach
Learn about why you need a running coach and what to look for in a coach.

January 2011
Build a Strong Base
Winter conditioning for ultrarunning is important. Here are 3 foundation types of training to make you a stronger runner and prepare you for the spring and summer ahead.

Marathon & Beyond
March/April 2010
Health Advice for Running International Marathons
Roy Stevenson and Mark Ochenrider, MD, tell you everything you need to know about staying healthy when running marathons in foreign lands, from jet lag to Montezuma’s Revenge.

Running Fitness
March 2010
Running to the Top: Benefits of Hill Training
Make hill training an integral part of your running program and you’ll soon be flying up hills — and leaving your fellow runners in your wake. Article is on my running tips website at this address:

Running Fitness
February 2010
The Ultimate Winter Workout
Roy Stevenson reveals the complete winter conditioning program for endurance runners.

Fitness Plus
October 2009
Racing Tactics
Racing tactics for 10K and half-marathon - how to set the right pace for your fitness level, and other strategies to squeeze the most out of yourself in races.

Runner's World U.K.
August 2009
Skin Smart
Run safely in the sun with this simple guide to summer skin care.

Running Fitness
October 2009
How to Run Your Best Half Marathon
Roy Stevenson provides top tips, advice and example schedules to knock seconds off your personal best. Article available as free download on my running tips website at this address:

Trail Runner
August 2009
Comeback Trail
Roy Stevenson gives advice about how to regain your trail running fitness after some time off.

July 2009
Training and Competing in the Heat
The single most serious threat to runners during hot summer months is heat. Everything you ever wanted to know about heat exhaustion and preventing heat injury.

Irish Runner
February/March 2009
Smarter Training, Faster Racing
How variety in training known as periodization can help distance runners hit repeated peaks for race days.

Northwest Runner
March 2009
Free Radicals and Antioxidants: What They Mean for Distance Runners
Running can actually worsen the effects of free radicals. Here's how to counteract it.

Colorado Runner & Triathlete
May/June 2009
Ready, Set, Run!
Racing tactics and strategies for the 10K and Half Marathon. Is it time for you to try something new?

Florida Running & Triathlon
May/June 2009
Peaking for Best Performance
How to peak for your best race ever. Content of article can be found on my running tips website:

Marathon & Beyond
September/October 2009
Advanced Training Techniques for the Marathon
Learn advanced marathon training techniques to help you improve your next marathon time. Consistency and sticking to a program are critical.

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