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Roy Stevenson has had over 800 articles published in 180 magazines, after taking a travel writer’s workshop through Great Escape Publishing (formerly AWAI) in 2007.

During this time he has developed a system that almost guarantees his articles will be published. This system has meshed all of the important links in the freelance writing chain, including dreaming up viable topics, researching the subject, writing enticing query letters, finding suitable magazines to pitch, writing a flowing piece, submitting it in a timely manner, and taking and captioning photographs to accompany the article.

Most of Roy’s articles get published as a result of his system. While most freelance writers are happy with an acceptance rate of 25% for their article pitches, Roy has had a 93% acceptance rate for his stories.   His love of writing has allowed him to share his successful experiences with other writers.

Roy has been featured in The Writer and Writer’s News magazines for his prodigious new writing career.  Writing magazines publishing his work also include The New Writer, Writer's Forum, and AWAI’s The Right Way To Travel.

Selecting any of the articles below will open the article in a new window on Roy's website written for travel writers:  

The Writer
February 2011
Travel Writers Head for Regionals
To ease into the travel writing niche, target local travel magazines and build rapport with editors.

The Writer 
October 2010
Step It Up to Write for Fitness Markets
Put your passion for health and fitness into print by starting small and local.  Here's how.

The Writer
June 2010
Writing for Military Magazines:  An Untapped Market
Military magazines have a consistent need for stories, but don't stop there - many types of magazines have a need for military stories.  Here's how to tap into this market.

The New Writer
May/June 2010
7 Reasons Aspiring Novelists and Authors Should Start by Writing for Magazines
Aspiring novelists or authors should consider freelance writing for magazines before writing their first book.  Here's why.

Writers' Forum
April 2010
Organize a Writing Holiday
U.S. freelancer Roy Stevenson explains how he and his wife set up a writing vacation and paid for a winter escape to Ecuador.

The Writer
May 2010
How to Target Small Specialty Magazines
Roy Stevenson shares seven strategies on targeting small specialty magazines.

The Writer
October 2009
Win Repeat Business
How to get your work accepted for publication in magazines and win repeat business as frequently as possible.

The Writer
May 2009
Prolific From the Start
Learn how Roy got 101 articles accepted for publication in only 7 months.

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