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Presentations by Roy Stevenson

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Roy enjoys sharing his writing experiences and secrets to success with other freelance writers and is available to speak at writers conferences and workshops.

Previous Presentations at Writer's Conferences include:

American Writers and Artists’ (AWAI) Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop,
San Francisco, CA, July 2012, San Diego, CA, August 2014, Denver, CO, September, 2015.

Pacific Northwest Travel & Words Writer’s Conference,
Port Townsend, Washington, April 2012

Whidbey Island Writer's Conference, Whidbey Island, WA, March 2012

Pacific Northwest Travel & Words Writer’s Conference,
Woodinville, Washington, June 2011

Write on the Sound Writer’s Conference,
Edmonds, Washington, September 2010

Willamette Writer’s Conference,
Portland, Oregon, August 2010

Pacific Northwest Travel & Words Writer’s Conference,
Tacoma, Washington, June 2010

American Writers and Artists’ (AWAI) Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop,
Denver, Colorado, July 2009.

Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Conference,
Seattle, Washington, July 2009.

American Writers and Artists’ (AWAI) Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop,
San Francisco, July 2008.


“Roy’s success has been a real inspiration at our conferences over the years. Many of our attendees are – like Roy – coming to freelance writing from other careers, so they appreciate his practical, methodical approach to the business of freelancing. Roy is forthright in explaining how he parlays one sale into many more. You get the sense that if he can do it, so can you. And that’s a comforting… inspiring idea.”
Jennifer Stevens, Author, The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program

"Roy’s approach to freelance non-fiction writing is refreshing. He’s really got the process boiled down to a science and was a great addition to our roster.

Since taking our AWAI Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop in 2007, Roy has developed a system that really works for him and translates well to our audience of new travel writers. He has presented at our travel writing workshop the last two years, and the attendees come out motivated and excited to try freelance travel writing.

Roy’s great at pointing amateur and veteran writers alike in the right direction toward publication. Several of our attendees have followed in his footsteps to get their first byline.”
Lori Allen, Director, The Ultimate Travel Writers Workshop, American Writers and Artists and Writers Association

"His ‘Seven Steps for Banking Bylines’ was loaded with tons of useful information and his enthusiasm is inspiring.”
Marcia Swilley, Conference Participant

“His sense of how to succeed; I know if I follow his lead, I can do it!”
John Brewer, Conference Participant

“…living proof of success.”
Katherine E. Olsen, Conference Participant

“Instilling confidence in the fact that anyone who wants to be a travel writer and is willing to work at it can do it.”
Beverly Meginness, Conference Participant

Comments from participants at 2010 Write on the Sound, Edmonds, Washington - Writing Irresistible Query Letters:

- Good, enjoyable presentation. Made me think about freelance when I hadn’t.

- Very informative, impressive work load and results.

- Just what I needed, I never thought the day would come when I would be excited about query letters.

- Absolutely wonderful, incredible enthusiasm, good handouts, very humorous, honest, inspiring.

- Very high energy and interesting.

- Energetic, encouraging, passionate and honest.

- Loved his energy and hearing his success stories and methods; real practical application.

Presentation topics for writers conferences include:

Freelance Writing 101 Series

* How to Get Started as A Freelance Writer
* How and Where to Find Magazines to Pitch Your Articles
* 9 Reasons Why Aspiring Novelists Should Start by Magazine Writing
* Seven Essential Habits for Freelance Magazine Writing Success

Travel Writing Series
* Breaking into Travel Writing
* What's Hot in Freelance Travel Writing

Marketing Your Freelance Articles Series
* Creating Irresistible Query Letters: 10 Essential Elements
* Multiple Submissions = Multiple Acceptances
* The Life Blood of Freelance Writing: Selling & Reselling Non-Fiction Articles

Advanced Freelance Writing Series
* 8 Techniques for Landing Repeat Freelance Writing Assignments
* 7 Ways to Find Unique Ideas for Specialist Magazines
* How to Save Time, Increase Your Income and Expand into New Markets
* You Don't have to Be An Expert to Be Published in Specialty Magazines
* Seven Tips on Developing A Strong Relationship With Editors

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