CVB and Visitor’s Bureau Endorsements
for Roy Stevenson

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Roy Stevenson, an excellent writer who is a professional in every regard.  When I propose story ideas, Roy takes the time to respond.  When I arranged an individual tour for him to visit aviation attractions in Snohomish County, he did the tour on his own and was flexible when itinerary times had to be adjusted. What I appreciate most is his follow-through: Roy lets me know when his articles will appear."
Julie Gangler
Media Consultant to: Snohomish County Tourism Bureau
Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater Visitor & Convention Bureau

"Roy’s visit to Whidbey and Camano Islands immediately resulted in two stunning and comprehensive feature stories in regional glossy magazines.  He is an outstanding and disciplined writer.  We enjoy working with him!”
Sherrye Wyatt
Public Relations/Marketing Manager
Whidbey & Camano Islands Tourism
Island County, Washington

"Working with Roy was a delightful and productive experience. I hosted Roy on a multi-day tour of Whidbey and Camano Islands out of which Roy quickly produced several excellent, well-placed travel articles promoting our destination. I highly recommend inviting Roy to visit your region."
RoseAnn Alspektor
Marketing/Social Media/Public Relations Services
The VALIS Group, Inc., Clinton, WA

"Roy has worked closely with the Tacoma Regional Convention and Visitor Bureau to plan a tour of our region. He spent three days visiting Pierce County and generating story angles during his tours. It was a pleasure working with Roy and reading the four stories he published as a result of his visit."
Bre Greenman

“I have enjoyed working with Roy as we have promoted our historic schooner. His ideas are fresh and interesting and his articles about our vessel have been published every time he's pitched them. We hope to continue working with Roy as new cruises arise and new adventures unfold."
Chris Wallace
Chief Mate
The Schooner Zodiac

"I had the opportunity to meet and work with Roy Stevenson after he contacted me to set up a FAM tour of the Olympia and Thurston County Region. Roy went the extra step to let me know ahead of time what he was working on and how we could be of the most assistance. He also followed up with us, letting us know what pitches he had sent out and took the time to send me a copy of the article 'Olympia Marina Destination and Olympia Tourist Attractions' (48 North, October 2010)."
Heather Antanaitis
Membership & Marketing Development
Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater Visitor & Convention Bureau

"In today’s world of the “instant travel writer”, it was refreshing to work with such a seasoned journalist. I met with Roy Stevenson to talk about the seaside village of Langley, Washington, last February and had a completely wonderful experience sharing our community with Roy, who through his professionalism and gift of writing, had Langley on the pages of 48 North magazine in short order. I was impressed and very pleased with our interaction and coverage that followed."
Sherry Jennings
Langley Chamber of Commerce Director

"I worked with Roy Stevenson on two different occasions in 2010 and both experiences were very positive. Roy is an absolute professional -- very curious, gracious and enthusiastic about his explorations and research. We hosted Roy and several other writers in October for a cultural arts media tour. I really appreciate Roy's focus and creativity on pitches (especially because I am in PR and am curious about coverage). He was constantly sharing story ideas with me, looking for feedback, asking questions and always planning -- these are great skills for any writer and certainly attractive from my professional stand-point. Roy has already written 6 articles since his 2 visits and plans to write more. We're always excited to see his writing and are very open to working with him in the future."
Jacqueline Cartier
Director of Marketing,
Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism

"Freelance writer Roy Stevenson visited us in April 2008, and since then has had three nicely written stories about our American Military Museum published in various magazines. We found Roy's articles to be well written, accurate, and interesting. His photos also looked great in the spreads. We have no hesitation recommending Roy and his writing abilities to any tourist attraction looking for some great publicity."
Craig Michelson
American Military Museum
El Monte, California

"In June 2009 Roy Stevenson first visited the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM). Based on research done during that visit he has produced a number of well written articles portraying the museum with skill and accuracy. Roy's stories about the WAAAM have appeared in Jeep Action, Military Machines International, Gorge Guide, Warbird Digest and Collectible Automobile. These stories have prompted readers to call us and to visit the museum, much to our benefit and theirs. We recommend Roy Stevenson, without reservation, to museums and tourist agencies in need of a skilled freelance writer."
Ken Olsson
Museum Coordinator
The Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum
Hood River, OR

"Roy is no slouch, that’s for sure. A freelancer who works hard to sniff out a story, Roy does his homework and is a professional all the way. I worked with several communities to host him on a trip to Cochise County. He is curious and found a wealth of story ideas. He has specific niche publications that fit well with our communities. Roy paints vivid pictures for his readers. He also followed up, sending a copy of each article as it was published. It was a joy to work with him!"
Luanne Mattson
Public Relations for the Cochise County Tourism Council
Chandler, AZ

“Roy is one of the most professional and responsible travel journalists that I have worked with. He understands the time and effort it takes for destination marketing organizations to put together press trips and made sure he had a story assigned by a magazine editor before he visited our region. Roy was very easygoing during his trip and it felt more like a showing an old friend around town. However, he made sure to ask all the right questions to accurately feature our destination in his story. I would not hesitate to work with Roy again and he is always welcome back to the Tri-Cities.”
Jordan Youngs
Director of Marketing and PR
Tri-Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau

"I had the pleasure to meet and work with Roy Stevenson on his visit to Juneau, Alaska, in August of 2011. Roy’s attention to detail and professional manner made him a pleasure to assist. His energy and enthusiasm were impressive, and I have been very pleased with the resulting published articles. I was informed in advance of some pre-sold articles, which did indeed materialize, and additional exposure has been enjoyed from Roy’s efforts to sell his stories. Roy always sends links, PDFs and hard copies of the articles he’s published, which is always welcome. The Juneau CVB will always welcome Roy back for future visits."
Elizabeth Arnett
Tourism Marketing Manager
Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Roy ventured to Haines, Alaska in the summer of 2011. Although there were a couple of snafus on my end he took everything in stride and saw it as part of the adventure. He was a pleasure to work with and took delight in all the organized activities we had for him, and there were many. No matter how much we wore him out during the day he still enjoyed going out and meeting the locals in the evening and had some had wonderful experiences in the process. Roy has written three articles out of his adventure in Haines and they are all wonderful. He has been diligent on sending links and hard copies as soon as they were available and took the time to check back with us for accuracy. Roy was a pleasure to work with and we sincerely hope to have the opportunity to welcome him back in the future."
Tanya Carlson
Director of Tourism
Haines Convention and Visitors Bureau

"Roy Stevenson is amazing. I first came in contact with Roy when he asked me to comment on an article he was writing; "Travel Writer and Event Planner's Etiquette" Within minutes of talking with Mr. Stevenson, and after doing my own research, I felt confident about his qualifications and invited Roy to see Southern Oregon's secret gems first hand. Roy and his wife (photographer) experienced a 12- day Press Fam of Southern Oregon. Lodging, attractions, and culinary artisans welcomed his visit. His attention to detail, warm personality, and gracious hospitality was appreciated every step of the way. His trip resulted in over 14 credited articles and blogs......and they keep on coming!"
Sue Price
Marketing Consultant
Southern Oregon Visitors Association

"In September 2011, I had the great joy to work with writer Roy Stevenson visiting Ketchikan on a media tour. There is no question that Roy is a prolific writer, he certainly has gifted our community with several articles that have been both upbeat and informative. But the true gifts Roy gives are the innocence and excitement he bring to his work. During his visit to Ketchikan, Roy endured a deluge of rain from our temperate forest, yet he found a sparkling light in every activity…I watched him move from savoring our Alaska seafood to being rapt in watching our unique wildlife…and also saw him be a total excited, little kid when presented with a private viewing of a collection that he had no idea even existed in this world. These are the traits that make Roy’s writing unique and gifted. Our community looks forward to having Roy return whenever he can find the time, we’re ready!"
Dragon London
Tourism Marketing Coordinator
Ketchikan Visitors Bureau

"A media opportunity with Roy Stevenson is something every public relations professional should experience. Roy visited the Yakima Valley in May 2012 and has since produced three print articles in a year. Building and maintaining relationships are important to him, as well as the details of an article. It was a wonderful surprise when he took a moment out of his self-guided tour to meet me in person at my office and later requested fact checking assistance. It is a pleasure working with Roy and I look forward to future collaborations.”
Katie Heaverlo
Director of Tourism
Yakima Valley Visitors & Convention Bureau

"We have worked with Roy for several years now, and our staff continues to be impressed by his thorough research process, descriptive writing style and his level of engagement with the destinations he has covered. We love his intellectual curiosity and thoughtful approach to the places we visit on editorial research trips. Clients frequently comment on the attention to detail in his well-written articles. He's a real professional."

Debbie Geiger
Geiger & Associates (travel industry public relations firm)

“I hosted Roy Stevenson in June of 2012 during his press trip of Virginia and he is the consummate professional. Roy was extremely thorough in his details and continued following up with me after his visit. Every time Roy produced an article (and he produced several) he would shoot me an email providing a link to the story, as well as snail mailing hard copies.“

Ryan Downey
Media Relations Manager
Hampton, VA CVB

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