Roy Stevenson - Film Festival Articles

A film festival junkie since his late teens, Roy Stevenson enjoys reviewing international film festivals for movie magazines. A veteran of over 20 Seattle International Film Festivals, 2 Singapore International Film Festivals, and 2 Brussels International Festivals of Fantastic Film, Roy specializes in thriller, horror, and science-fiction coverage.

Here is a small sampling of Roy's film festival articles.

Fall 2009
Scared SIFF! 2009 Seattle International Film Festival
The SIFF has become the largest and most highly attended film festival in the United States.

Fall 2007
Scared BIFF! 2007 Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film
This is the mother lode for horror, sci-fi and thriller fans. No frilly romances or feel-good movies here—just an undiluted, hardcore extravaganza of gore, terror and thrills.

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