Freelance Writing for Magazines: Maximum Marketing Secrets to Get As Many Freelance Writing Jobs As You Can Handle

Are you a freelance writer wanting to know how to get started selling your articles immediately? Are you frustrated by how long it takes to make a sale? Do you wonder why some stories sell and others don't? Do you know the different ways to get the most profit out of a single article? Are you interested in breaking into overseas markets but don't know where to start?

If you have average writing ability, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot sell your articles to dozens of magazines, locally, nationally and internationally.

Learn the same inside secrets to marketing freelance writing and getting your articles published that the professional freelancers use.

In my complete marketing manual for freelance writers: Marketing Your Magazine Articles: Inside Secrets of A Successful Freelance Writer I show you all of my secrets for marketing freelance writing to magazines. I hold nothing back. Nada. Zip.

I’ve sold more than 800 articles to over 180 magazines, newspapers, websites and in-flights. My stories have been published in magazines and newspapers around the world. I have had articles on the magazine racks at Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores continuously for six years. And I have a stack of magazines 4 feet high to prove it.

When I pitch a story idea there is a 90% chance it will be picked up for publication in a magazine or two somewhere around the world. Most freelancers are pleased if they have a 10% to 20% acceptance rate for their stories. But I always have more articles than I can write—never less than ten. And I’ve had as many as 32 stories stacked up to write. I have yet to hear of any other freelance writer who has approached this sort of productivity.

You can do this, too. You just need to learn the techniques and apply them and you will have as many freelance writing jobs as you can handle.

Marketing Your Magazine Articles: Inside Secrets of A Successful Freelance Writer is all about maximum marketing of your freelance articles. The popular “how to” books on freelance writing serve up a scant chapter or two on marketing and are so poorly detailed that they often leave you with more questions than answers. This complete marketing manual addresses these shortcomings.

Successful freelance writing for magazines doesn't have to be difficult. You can learn exactly how to get published fast and frequently.

My creative marketing system is a blend of many tried and true marketing methods that have consistently worked well for many professional freelance writers, plus some other strategic, maverick techniques that I’ve experimented with that have yielded surprisingly good results. It's the combination of techniques that has made me successful.

These techniques will make you successful, too.

In Marketing Your Magazine Articles: Inside Secrets of A Successful Freelance Writer, you will learn ...

- How to start out in freelance writing for magazines and begin selling articles immediately, even if you've never been published before

- How to dream up saleable story ideas that will interest magazine editors and have them racing to buy your story

- How to select topics that will sell across different genres, multiplying your ability to earn more income

- What to look for in the writer’s guidelines to boost your bylines

- How to sell all of your article ideas - there's a home for every story

- The seventeen essential parts of the successful query letter (and 4 sample query letters that work!)

- How to maximize sales for each article that you write

- How to create and use your magazine distribution lists to increase sales

- How to write spin-off articles about the same topic to sell to different magazines

- How to start your freelance writing for magazines locally and build up to national and international publications

- Two special techniques for reselling your inventory of articles en masse after they’ve been published elsewhere

- How to introduce yourself to new publications on the market

- How frequently you can pitch story ideas to a magazine without annoying the editor

- Why and when you should write an article for free

- The best online magazine databases

- Ten hot tips on establishing a strong relationship with an editor to get repeat business

- The five essential elements that your writer’s website needs to get an editor’s attention

- What networking methods work best for freelance writers and what does not add value - you’ll be surprised at my choices

Now, how much will it cost to receive the 78-page, advice-packed manual? Just $99. Not only is this cost tax deductible for serious freelance writers, you'll undoubtedly earn it back many times over with the first new magazine sale you'll be able to snag with your new skills and knowledge.

This course isn't for everyone. It assumes you already know some basics about writing and you have average writing abilities. It also assumes you have the motivation to apply these techniques. If you're a beginner, this manual is packed with valuable information and examples to radically shorten the steep learning curve usually required for freelance success. If you've been published already but want to improve your sales rate, this manual is packed with valuable strategies and unique marketing ideas that you can immediately apply for a higher success rate.

This manual will teach you how to successfully market your magazine articles as long as you have the motivation to apply the techniques. My experience with these techniques is in English-speaking countries so the content is written with that in mind. As long as you have a good command of the English language these principles will help you to be more successful in selling your magazine articles.

Please let me know by emailing me at if you have any questions about Marketing Your Magazine Articles: Inside Secrets of a Successful Freelance Writer, what it includes, and it's appropriateness for you.

Order now to become a more successful, well-published and admired writer for magazines - and start selling more articles today. It is available for download below:

Marketing Your Magazine Articles:
Inside Secrets of a Successful Freelance Writer

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