Roy Stevenson, Freelance Writer

Freelance writer Roy Stevenson has a diverse range of interests and experiences and enjoys writing in many genres. He specializes in creative non-fiction articles about travel and culture, food, wine and beer, running and triathlon training, sports, fitness, health, military history, classic vehicles, communications and film festivals.

Roy’s expertise in writing stories for many diverse genre and niche magazines has made him legendary in writing circles in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the U.S. He has shown freelance writers that it is possible to be published in a wide variety of areas and magazines.

Roy’s prolific record in having over 800 articles published has set a new standard for productivity in freelance writing. We have yet to hear of any other freelance writer who has approached these figures.

He motivates aspiring writers through his freelance writing and with his presentations at Writing Conferences, and even teaches seasoned writers a few new tricks of the trade through the innovative writing system he’s developed. He has written two downloadable books available on this site: Marketing Your Magazine Articles: A Complete Marketing Manual for Freelance Writers and Free and Low Cost Travel for Travel Writers sharing his secrets to success with other freelance writers.

Roy is always available to write articles on assignment for editors. He has helped out many editors at short notice. Roy writes well-researched, accurate, and entertaining articles.

Marketing Your Magazine Articles:
Inside Secrets of a Successful Freelance Writer
, written by Roy Stevenson, is a complete marketing manual for aspiring freelance writers. This home study course is packed with marketing advice for writers who want to see their work in print more frequently. Learn more...

Roy Stevenson’s freelance writing work includes:

- more than 800 feature stories published. Thirty of these articles have been cover stories.

- over 180 magazines, newspapers, online media and in-flights in the past three years.

- articles published in most English-speaking countries including: the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

Roy has created this website to offer information to editors, writing conference directors and to other writers who want to view his work or inquire about his services.

His services include:

- Writer’s Conference Speaker inspiring beginning and experienced writers to try the ideas that have led to Roy’s phenomenal publishing success

- Freelance Writing on a wide range of topics and delivering entertaining, interesting and accurate stories well before deadline

- Writing copy, reports and articles for small and medium sized businesses, including website copy
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